Monday, April 24, 2017
   * View your Sample May 2nd Special Election ballot!
Click Here to view a sample of your May 2, 2017 Special Election ballot, to locate your precinct, or to contact your local clerk to get an absent voter ballot! Simply enter your first name, last name, month and year of birth and residential ZIP code! posted 03/14/2017
   * Do I have an election on May 2, 2017?
Click Here to find out if any district in your precinct will be voting on May 2, 2017. posted 03/08/2017
   * CISD Biennial Election
will be held June 5, 2017. There are 2 vacancies on the board. The filing deadline is May 8, 2017, 4:00pm at the Calhoun County Clerk-Elections office. Information for candidates is available on our Elections Tab. posted 01/27/2017
   * Recall Information
can be found on our Elections Tab, scroll down near the bottom of the page to find several documents pertaining to 'Recall Information'. posted 01/27/2017
Common Solutions
  1. How do I search for Land Records?
  2. Am I registered to vote in Michigan?
  3. How do I register to vote in Michigan?
  4. Is a Candidate Petition available for the upcoming Election?
  5. How do I file a PPO?
  6. Where can I get a concealed pistol license (CPL)?
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Anne Norlander, Clerk and Register of Deeds
Resources - Helpful external links
   * Secretary of State
This is a link to the Election site operated by the Secretary of State of Michigan, and includes a wealth of information.
   * Local Clerks Online
Local clerk information has just been added to the site
   * Center for Geographic Information
A variety of map types showing boundaries and names of geographic areas within the State, such as newly reapportioned Senate and Congressional districts.
   * Official State Transportation Map
The new 2005 Official State Transportation Map is now available in locations throughout Michigan. Produced by MDOT and widely distributed free of charge through Travel Michigan Welcome Centers and MDOT office, the new edition includes several updates.
   * Highway Right-of-Way
This link will direct you to the State Highway Department (MDOT). You will be able to view each section of State Highway in Calhoun County. It also lists liber (Latin for book) and pages of the easement.

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